Pizza-Hut Book-It! Program

Beginning in October, our class will begin the Pizza Hut "Book-It" Reading Incentive Program this year to encourage more reading inside and outside of the classroom. The program is easy and fun! Your child has the opportunity to earn Reading Reward Certificates by meeting monthly reading goals that I set. The Reading Award Certificates can be redeemed at a participating Pizza Hut restaurant where your child will receive a BOOK IT! award and a free one-topping Personal Pan Pizza.

I will send home monthly goals with a date to return the paper by at the top. Please list the books your child has read, or books you have read to your child. Have your child sign the bottom, along with your signature. Send the paper in to school and your child will receive their BOOK IT! certificate the same day! (Keep in mind these certificates are valid for one month after the date your child receives them)

The BOOK IT! Program is sponsored by Pizza Hut, Inc. and has been in elementary schools for more than 20 years.
I also want to encourage you to join the new BOOK IT! online parent group, Bound Together. Membership is free and gives you access to discounts, family reading activities, reading lists and tips. Everything you need to support your reader! To learn more about the BOOK IT! Program and to join Bound Together, please visit