Classroom Notes:
Welcome to First Grade! I am so excited to start the school year and begin your child's journey through first grade. At the beginning of the year we will be conducting baseline assessments to see what your child learned in Kindergarten. This will help me create small groups based on your child's individual needs.

We will be using a literacy program called Wilson Fundations, which will give all students a foundation in the Phonics instruction needed to be a successful reader and writer. Our reading series will use stories to teach the comprehension skills your child also needs to be successful reader.

We are expanding our use of the 100 Book Challenge this year! Your child will continue to choose leveled books to read during SSR time in class, as well as begin to choose books for reading at home. More information will be sent home about this program. A leveled card will go home explaining the strategies and skills your child will work on while reading their books. Each level also has a set of Tricky Words (sight words) that they are expected to practice and learn. If you find your child is struggling with the words, please make a set of flashcards and play memory with easier words as well.

We will also be continuing a math series called Everyday Mathematics. This is a spiral curriculum that focuses on different skills each day to keep the concepts fresh and help your chid retain knowledge. We will continue to build your child's mathematical foundation in addition and subtraction, and fluency of facts up to 10. If your child is struggling with their math addition facts, please make flashcards to practice. Start with 0+0, and work your way up to harder facts. The math games that we play in school will also help with your child's fact fluency!

I will check folders daily, so please send in a note or email me if you have any questions or concerns

I am looking forward to a great year!

Mrs. Bilsky